Just a quick update this month.

Progress is continuing nicely with the first 3 environments currently undergoing a graphical overhaul to make sure they look as good as possible within the tight performance constraints required by VR.

The Prehistoric region is now pretty advanced with over a hundred free roaming dinosaurs littered across the 3x3km landscape. Boundary effects are being implemented for when the players travels too far from the play area and the main focus for this region will be adding more landmark items to aid player navigation.

For the African Savanna I’ve completely redone the grass textures and am currently in the process of creating some more trees and bush variations. The first of the landmark areas has been created and a quick test with 40+ zebra running across the map looked pretty awesome.

The forest is currently the least advanced but has had a full new basic vegetation pass and is already looking pretty good, but it’ll look even better once I start detailing with rivers and more diverse tree varieties.